Value for your money


We are purposely AFFORDABLE

For Private 1:1 class, we have an introductory offer ( good until December 31st, 2015) at just $35/hour!!

Our Original Price for group classes are $140 and $20 Registration fee ($160/Semester) for a 6 week class but we are offering

$50 Special Introductory Discount for the 2015 Fall semester!!!

$90 Introductory Semester Promotion Price. That is just $15/class. In other words, $60/month!!

(Add $20 flat registration fee for materials/tests/home works per semester ~6 week)

All our INTRODUCTORY FALL courses are 6 week semester based program (6 classes) unless specially noted

The $110 per semester class fee covers:

  • Full course curriculum and all materials for downloads & Real time Ph.D professors
  • Monthly Guest Speaker events
  • Laughter Yoga as a class kick start for 2 minutes
  • Weekly Homework and semester knowledge tests ( no grading)
  • Access to an exclusive community of like minded peers across the globe
  • Replay facility to review class anytime anywhere if you miss classes
  • Monthly online group conference with parents to provide secret tips on academic planning to boost success for top college admission