Everything else you didn't know yet

What is Globallyignited.org?

GloballyIgnited.org is an online real-time holistic education platform for K-12 grade that offers uniquely creative and academic courses through our various academies as follows:

  • Contest Academy – Prepares students for contest based academic math preparation (K-8)
  • EQ Academy – Prepares students to increase their emotional intelligence using holistic enrichment courses for mind and body
  • Globe Trotter Academy – Prepares students in world geography and ignites the geography bee bug in our students
  • Language Academy – Prepares students for becoming fluently conversant in the chosen language
  • Computer Academy – Prepares students to build foundation in programming for 21st century careers
  • Chess Academy – Prepares students for becoming strong analytical and logical thinkers

Please click on our individual academies to see our course offerings. Watch out as we are expanding our course offerings in the next few months. All classes are group classes with like-minded “ignited” peers from around the world.

Do you offer free demo lessons?

Yes! One month before our classes start, we will have weekly Jam sessions free of cost where we will highlight our courses and take questions from the audience. You will need to subscribe to our mailing list to hear about these events.

What is the usual class size?

Our class size can vary. For some special classes, we purposefully restrict the number of students to just about 6 to 8.

How is it possible for Globally Ignited to conduct classes at such a low fee of just $15/class?

Most traditional tutoring companies add on additional costs of rental, utility, bills and admin costs to the total cost before selling it to you.

At Globally Ignited, we cut that cost and pass that savings to our clients because it makes no sense for you to pay someone else’s utility and rental bills!

What is a typical class schedule like?

We kick start our class with a 2 minute laughter yoga session to help students distress and focus better. This is followed with a 20-25 minute topic based conceptual instruction and the remaining 40 minute is dedicated to hands on interactive session.

How are your instructors chosen? Are they US based?

We only hire instructors with a minimum masters or Ph.D degrees who have proven teaching skills. One thing we absolutely look for is instructors who are passionate about education and can provide a nurturing, creative and fun loving class.

All our instructors are USA based instructors who are very familiar with the core curriculum taught in schools in US. At the same time, since our courses focus on contest based critical thinking curriculum to gain mastery over the subject, any international student will also find all our courses very challenging and useful.

Is your online tutoring effective?

Yes! We teach online tutoring in an interactive, real-time mode and live instructors with audio- visual, chat and online blackboard capabilities. We provide weekly homework, pop-quizzes, mid- semester and end of semester exams. You can also review any class if you miss it since they will be all recorded and available online.

Do you provide homework for practice?

Yes! We provide weekly homework, pop-quizzes, mid-semester and end of semester exams. We provide solutions with our homework so that you can self-correct it at home. Homework will not be burdensome as it will be just enough to keep our students challenged!

What types of payment method do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Pay Pal

Is your payment method secure?

All transactions are processed through PayPal and so your credit card information is 100% safe.

How many times will I be charged?

You will be charged only once for the full amount for the semester at the time of enrollment before the start date of the course.

What is your cancellation policy?

We offer 100% money back guarantee on the course fee if you cancel our class within the 1st seven days of the class start day (i.e. before taking your second class). However, we do not refund the fixed registration fee of $20 since you have reserved somebody else’s spot that could have gone to another student. After the 1st seven days of course enrollment, no refunds will be issued.

Globally Ignited also reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient registration. If a course is cancelled, you will be notified via email and a refund will be processes minus any PayPal/credit card processing fees. Globally Ignited also reserves the right to cancel any particular class session due to any unforeseen reason. We will have a makeup class for the same so that the material to be covered in that session is not lost.

What is your payment policy?

Full payment for the semester must be paid using PayPal before the start of the semester and at the time of online enrollment. We also offer partial payment policy in order to offer our customers the flexibility of payment plan. The fee under partial payment plan is only 10% higher ~ $20

What is the minimum system requirement for your online course?

Minimum Windows 98/Mac on PC or laptop, 64 Meg Ram, internet connection. Our online courses can also run on any android/Iphone/Ipod/ipad.

How do I connect to the online classroom?

Once you enroll and pay for our courses, you simply need to login from our website using your login ID and password to get full access to the courses. The login ID and password will take you inside a WebEx session.

The first time you join a WebEx meeting, WebEx installs certain software on your computer. This will take between 1 and 3 minutes and is a ‘once-off’ task. Also, WebEx will install this for you – you just need to follow the prompts. Here are the system requirements for using WebEx (on Windows XP or Vista). Your computer will most likely have all these components and settings, unless you have changed some settings previously.

  • Internet Explorer 6/7 OR Firefox ( Internet Explorer seems to be more robust and reliable within WebEx)
  • JavaScript and cookies need to be enabled

Joining a WebEx Meeting:

  • When you login, you will first have to enter your name and email address and also use the password you’ve been given by the meeting organizer
  • A window may open that says, “Preparing Meeting Manager”, or “Meeting in Progress”, instructing you not to close it, etc. Just wait, the classroom will open in due course.
  • Follow the instructions if WebEx prompts you: (applicable for first time users) to click on the Information Bar; for permission to install something (like “Active X”, which you should accept or it won’t work); to run an Audio Test, or to start VoIP (click “yes”)
  • As soon as the “Volume” box pops up, check the Mic box to mute your audio (so others will not hear you sip your coffee until you are ready 😉
    Note 1:When you first log into class, it may take a few minutes for the audio to start coming through. Be patient. Watch your name on the participant list; when you first come into the classroom, there will be no mic icon next to your name although you’ll see it next to the others who are already there. But when you see a “Volume” box open up and a little mic icon appear next to your name, you will start hearing audio. (If you don’t have a high-speed connection, this may take a long time, and may be slow/unreliable.)
    Note 2: if the volume box doesn’t open at all, and no mic icon appears by your name after waiting a long time, click on “Communicate” at the top of the WebEx window, then click “Integrated VoIP”, then click “Join Conference”.  If this menu item is in gray (i.e. unavailable), this means that this setting is already enabled. If you still have problems, you can raise your hand, or use the ‘Chat’ facility to ask for help

Need more information? Connect with us at hello@globallyignited.org