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Conversation style learning naturally

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What is Language Academy?

Language Academy is an online live platform for teaching kids various languages in the context of everyday conversation by incorporating classic, stories, songs, role plays, everyday life situations. We take the emphasis off boring grammar and vocabulary memorization and instead focus on everyday conversational style learning.

Why choose to learn a language at our language academy?

  • Crisp lesson plans under a  semester based plan.
  • Each session is for 45 minutes and kick starts with a 2 minute laughter yoga workout
  • Beginner levels will have easy weekly homework, in class quizzes and semester exams but no grading will be given ! Strictly for your own self development of language knowledge
  • No boring grammar drills in our class! Focus mainly on conversational piece to accelerate fluency in talking in the language
  • Language is taught in a meaningful everyday real life situational context with a focus on conversational style learning naturally
  • You will always learn with a native speaker with an original accent
  • Our lessons are centered around pretend role play based on everyday life situation to ignite a student’s natural curiosity to learn
  • To make it a fun class, we integrate audio-visual classic stories, cartoon, poems to maximize learning
  • Monthly native guest speakers will talk to kids in class and inspire them with stories and ignite the passion to learn a second language