Contest Academy

Gain mastery in each subject by preparing for various contests

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Contest driven Math based on problem solving & Critical thinking

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Write without tears in your eyes

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What is Contest Academy?

Contest Academy is an online academic enrichment program to help our students gain mastery in each subject by preparing them for various age appropriate regional/state/national competitions at the K-8 grade level.

Our contest focused courses not just ensure that we help our students complete the grade level foundational Core Curriculum (that is a given!) but also achieve mastery in the chosen subject and become a problem solver for life!

Our focus is on three aspects:

  • Build a strong foundation aligned with the core curriculum
  • Critical thinking & Problem solving logical approach
  • Contest based preparation to gain mastery

Why should you choose Contest Academy?

  • Real time live online group classes with audio-visual and virtual blackboard
  • With a focus towards preparing for various level appropriate contests, we help our students learn problem solving and critical thinking and gain mastery on the subject
  • We take the emphasis off winning in contests and place it instead on mastery of the subject while preparing for various competitions
  • Only Master/Ph.D level USA Instructors
  • 25-30 minutes of fundamental concept teaching to build foundation and the balance 30 minutes on intense problem solving real-time work
  • Monthly guest speakers from industry/universities/ivy league to inspire kids and develop passion for math and show various application of the subject in the real world
  • Weekly homework/ pop quizzes/mid-semester/semester end tests for self –diagnosis. No grading systemJ!
  • We take the emphasis off winning and put it on mastery of the course
  • Peer based collaboration combined with competition results in greater passion and highest scores
  • Simulations, animations, fun tit-bits are used to maximize learning
  • Course level you choose can be decided based on diagnostic test available online on our course schedule page ( applicable to Math only)
  • All our classes are recorded for later review by students/parents if you miss a lesson
  • Monthly online conference with parents to discuss feedback and share improvement plans
  • We help get our students to a point where our services are no longer required!!!