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What is Chess Academy?

“As per website” – Not for nothing is chess known as “the game of kings.” No doubt the rulers of empires and kingdoms saw in the game fitting practice for the strategizing and forecasting they themselves were required to do when dealing with other monarchs and challengers. As we learn more about the brain, there is a strong need to push for chess to be reintroduced as a tool in the public education. With benefits like these, they have a strong case.

Chess Academy is an online Chess enrichment program to help our students build a strong foundation in chess and be able to compete in various state and national tournaments. The various course levels will be decided based on the student’s rating, experience and tournament performance, training.

How does it work?

Lesson plan – By sharing a chess board online and with a voice/video chat during training sessions, the coach shows examples from games played by masters based on different themes. Students get enough time to think and try his/her ideas with the coach. Lessons are carefully planned for different areas of the game like opening repertoire, calculation, evaluation of the position, planning and endings.

Study Material – Each student receives material for homework that helps him/her learn faster. Some of these are pdf files and html pages. This also includes lessons that can be studied on our website by playing thru the moves. These lessons give additional examples of the themes or ideas learned in the sessions.

Practice Games – During a friendly game with another player, coach helps the students by suggesting moves and explaining ideas. The coach helps him/her analyze the whole game move by move.

Analysis of Tournament games – After the students come back from a tournament, the games are analyzed by the coach in the next session. Based on this analysis, coach gives suggestions on how to work further to get better results in the next tournaments.

Our focus is on three aspects:

  • Build a strong foundation for chess and logical tactics
  • Develop problem solving and logical thinking skills through chess
  • Ignite the passion for learning chess so that they can become lifelong learners

Why should you choose Chess Academy?

Live, Interactive Training: Real time coaching in our online classroom where students are trained by our coach with audio-visual tool using WebEx. This direct interactive play time helps students learn faster and saves time spent in other methods of training like exchanging mails.

Convenient: You don’t have to travel to go to a training center. You can learn from the comfort of your own home. You just have to login and enter the online classroom. A coach comes online at the scheduled time and date as per online class schedule. Online Coaching is available in different time zones for different countries.

Affordable: In traditional training methods, you have to spend time in reaching a training center or if a coach comes to your place, it will add to the amount you pay because he spends time to reach your place. Our online coaching is most affordable at just $15/hour for group coaching up to 8 students.

Certified Trainer:  FIDE Certified Coaches with wide experience in training students from different countries, with different playing standards and different age groups. We follow a planned training program designed to help students learn faster. We have a training program specially designed for adults.

Achievements: Our students have won numerous prizes in tournaments at different places across the globe.

Monthly Guest Speakers: Monthly guest speakers from chess academies/state level winners will talk to students to inspire them to play chess and act as role models.