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Imagine a class that makes you laugh your heart out before you get down to the serious business of learning.

Imagine a class that creates awareness about life and emotional intelligence while providing the tools to compete effectively in a “diploma-mill’ culture.

Imagine a class that challenges the traditional education system with a totally new paradigm – talking to the “curious George” in the learner while preserving the sensitivity of young students by not relegating them to a letter grade

“Globally Ignited” is the forum for such a discourse between the learned and the learner.  It is a test of the ability of the learned to impart knowledge to the seeker in a bold, interesting and intuitive manner while keeping the seeker involved and motivated from the very beginning.

“Globally Ignited”  offers a platform for students K-12 to learn Math, Science, Geography, Languages from expert teachers who are not selected for their PhDs or Masters Degrees for that is the least of our requirements.  It is the passion to continuously innovate and present concepts. It is the ability to make all students succeed at the same time that gives them the privilege to be a part of the “Globally Ignited” experiment.

The “Globally Ignited” experiment is based on the premise that all seekers are born gifted.  We seek to ignite the permanent desire to learn in all aspiring dreamers….

“Globally Ignited” is an experiment in teaching that seeks to not only create a lifelong appreciation for learning, asking fundamental questions about the purpose of all academic endeavors.




We believe that every child is born gifted and by providing them with a holistic education in a nurturing, fun-loving environment, we can ignite the passion in our students to challenge themselves and accelerate their learning curve.




To deliver world class academic enrichment effectively, affordably, conveniently and globally igniting students’ passion for learning at the K-12 level.




Vandhana Ralhan

Founder and CEO

About me: Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur, Mom of a golden doodle and two boys with a passion for teaching students to become lifelong learners.

MBA , Finance & MIS, Drexel University, Philadelphia
MBA, Marketing, IMT, India
B.A, Sociology, Delhi University, India

I have referred to “Globally Ignited” an experiment. No other adjective is better qualified to describe this pursuit of mine for it strives to bring the best learned with the best seekers of all – the children of today and the adults of tomorrow.

What describes the best learned? Is it one with the loftiest degree on paper or the one with the gifted ability to impart the knowledge and make every learning experience a memorable one for the seeker?

What describes the true seeker? I am inclined to steal some words from the bard about children –

“Some are born seekers, some become seekers and some have “seeking” thrust upon them”.

“Globally Ignited” wants to bring the last category into the fold – for this is the category that loses motivation over the protracted years of schooling,  the fire to learn extinguished by failures in a the competitive environment.

We recognize no Grades .. We recognize no labels…. There are only two and there should be only two … the LEARNED and the LEARNER. This is an ideal environment that fosters motivation to learn and encourages asking questions without being labeled. The LEARNED is continuously challenged to improvise the mode of transfer of knowledge to the maximum benefit of the student.

I invite you to be a part of the “Globally Ignited” experiment … Visit the various academies and see how we provide your child with an all-round, holistic way to “seek” out knowledge. We will train your child to compete … but with a realization that it is the journey that matters more than the outcome of the competition. And YES… Your little seeker will gain mastery over the subject matter.

For additional enquiries, please email us at info@globallyignited.org or call us at 609-865-3188.